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    What is Log Book Servicing

    Designed by the manufacturer as a preventative maintenance schedule. This helps to ensure that the vehicle operates performance and efficiency while also ensuring a high level of safety.

    We can perform complete log book servicing on your new or used vehicle, so that you keep your manufacturers warranty.

    What is a Pollen Filter

    These filters in the cars air-conditioning system are used to filter the air between the cabin and the air-conditioner system. These filters need to be replaced on a yearly basis as they collect dust, which with the moisture in the air can lead to bacteria growth.

    When starting your car if you notice a strange Oder that dissipates after 60 seconds or so, this could be a contaminated pollen filter.

    What is a Air Filter

    The air filter is used to filter and clean the outside air before it reaches the engine. Over time your air-filter slowly clogs up and will become less effective, this results in lower performance and a loss in fuel economy.

    What is a Fuel Filter

    It is important that these are regularly replaced. The fuel filter ensures that the engine recieves clean fuel for combustion in the chaimbers.

    On diesel engines it is recommended they be replaced every 30,000kms. This is because in diesel engines they can develop an alge build which if unchecked can block the filter. Once your filter starts to become blocked you can experience a hesitation or stutter.

    A blocked fuel filter will put additional pressure on the fuel pump, and can cause the engine to stop completely if the filter becomes completely blocked.

    What is a Timing Belt

    The timing belt is a vital component of the vehicles engine, it connects and synchronizes the cam shaft with the crank shaft. If unchecked and not replaced, the teeth can become torn/worn off belt which will cause the valves to stop moving which can result in destruction of the engine.

    As timing belts are made from rubber, over time they will naturally degrade and perish. This process can be expedited by heat, cold and also due to contamination from fluids such as engine oil.

    What is a Waterpump

    Usually these are replaced when the timing belt is replaced, on some cars they are usually behind the timing belt or driven by the timing belt. They are a wearing item, and if not replaced at scheduled intervals they can fail causing serious problems with your engine.

    Where the waterpump is driven by the timing belt, a ceased waterpump can disloge the timing belt causing major damage to the engine.

    What about Engine Fluids

    Oil, Coolant and other fluids loose their properties over time and can adversly effect how your car operates. It is important to ensure that htese are maintaned and replaced as nessecary to ensure smooth and reliable operation of your vehicle.