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All car manufacturers release their automobiles to the market with software restrictions placed on fuel consumption, fuel pressure and distribution, boost pressure, and torque limits, lessening their available power-curves. Manufactures’ enforce such limits due to environmental restrictions, and in some cases, to purposefully de-tune their engines in mid-range cars to increase demand for their top-of-the range models. Revolution Prestige Mechanical perform remaps increasing these limits, (still within the safe confides of your engine), in order to increase the available power-curve. As all computers in European cars of today are self-learning, this provides your car with a new set of parameters to unlock a higher level of driving performance and satisfaction.

Revolution Prestige Mechanical differentiates itself from its tuning rivals as it also posses a mechanical understanding of the vehicle you chose to remap, and hence only calibrates your ECU within safe confides to ensure engine longevity. Additionally, we scan your vehicle for faults before an ECU remap free of charge, to ensure there are no lingering faults that under the increased performance of a remap will deteriorate the condition of your car. We also posses the ability to advise and fit hardware performance modification such as air intakes and exhaust systems to garnish the most from your ECU re-flash.

Why Use Revolution Prestige Mechanical

Revolution Prestige Mechanical have joined the expanding industry of Automotive ECU Mapping for performance gains and fuel economy. We work in conjunction with a British tuning company who optimize our vehicle maps dependent on the needs of our customer. We are able to offer performance and economy gains, across a wide range of forced induction and naturally aspirated vehicles.

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